Sandeep Sangaru

Today we had the pleasure to meet Sandeep Sangaru, He is a designer, educator, explorer and founder and owner of Sangaru Design Studio In Bangalore. When he finished his studies as industrial designer at the NID in Ahmedabad he started to work in the film industry. After few years he came back to the NID to teach and this is when he stumbled upon crafts again and saw it from a completely different perspective and choose to explore it further on his own. In Tripura where people live from and with bamboo Sandeep was literally exposed to this material. Being fascinated by its countless possibilities and properties he started working on his famous collection called Truss-Me.
Located in Bengaluru’s outskirts Sangaru Design Studio is like a little village in a forest: different buildings (workshops, studio, showroom, storage) are surrounded by a variety of bamboo plants waiting to be harvested for the furniture production.
Thank you very much for a very enriching and interesting meeting and also for the relaxed time we had.