A week in the hills of Kerala

Finally we got out of the city into the nature. A night bus trip away from Bengaluru, in the district of Wayanad there’s a small village called Thrikkaipetta, aka Bamboo Village. The reason for this is Uravu, an NGO founded in 1996 in the village to create a sustainable and independent future for the villagers. In Thrikkaipetta bamboo is the indigenous material and Uravu promotes amongst other things its use in the village in many ways, which is very important to keep this handcraft alive in these modern times. They grow and harvest their own bamboo and have a workshop to produce products and teach people from all over the world. Later they came up with the idea of the Bamboo Village, an ethical tourism initiative where tourists live together with natives in their homes. And that’s exactly where we stay. We were welcomed very warmly at Daniel‘s Home Stay, a beautiful house surrounded only by nature and a lush vegetable garden with cows and goats. Daniel, his wife Reena and their daughter Anna take care of us lovingly and Rina is a really excellent chef. We gonna miss you and the fresh air.