Bamboo workshop at Uravu

We already started to miss working hands on and exploring a materials potential. Luckily we had the great possibility at Uravu to learn from two skilled artisans the basics of processing bamboo. Within a four day workshop Sadu and Raju introduced us to the basket weaving and joinery technique. It‘s really fascinating to see how fast and precisely Raju prepares the bamboo strips with only a single blade and then weaves a basket.
Now we had the chance to create something out of our different ideas and sketches of objects. Soon we realized that it’s not so easy to communicate and to convey a modern design idea to a traditional artisan. But nevertheless we managed to make some cool baskets and bamboo experiments.

During the workshop we came up with the idea of making products/ objects built out of bamboo sticks with a quadratic cross section. So we started to produce sticks and made first models. To be continued...